a labor of love

A Paradise for Animals in Need

The most important thing we give to all of our residents is love. It is the magic ingredient that makes our animals thrive. It must come from the heart, and we are fortunate that our staff cares deeply for their charges, and go above and beyond to assist them and make their lives as close to heaven on earth as possible. Many come to us sick, broken in body and spirit. It is our mission to heal when we can, provide love with a generous heart and when we can no longer heal or provide an acceptable quality of life, ensure a dignified, humane ending.

At Red Bell Run we employ several different methods of horse-keeping from a typical center stall barn with attached dry lots and paddocks to a paddock paradise system which is especially suitable for donkeys, minis and overweight equines. The paddock paradise system is easily set up with access to grass paddocks so that grazing can be controlled yet allow equines plenty of space to move and follow their instinct to travel. We’ve found that it is a wonderful way to keep equines.