Mary Adams

Mary was born into a family that was focused on philanthropic endeavors for humans, animals and conservation. She learned by example to not only have compassion for others but to make that central to what is now her life’s work. Western North Carolina beckoned after childhood memories of summers spent in Highland and Blowing Rock. Eventually Mary purchased the current 200 acres of property in Columbus which included a 40 acre working vineyard. The plan was to complete the farm and move the equines she had under her wing in Florida to NC over two years. Hurricane Irma accelerated those plans and within three days her Florida team shipped the remaining 56 equines up ahead of the storm. The Sanctuary at Red Bell Run and Vineyard became home.

Just about all of the now, 100+ animals we have are compromised in some way. The sad part is that because of the ones we take, we will lose some from time to time. But until that time we treat every one of them like Secretariat. Individualized care is at the center of the philosophy of the Sanctuary. Rescued horses, minis, ponies and donkeys, mules, hinnies all live out their lives here.

Mary learned the finer points of rescue from Celine Myers, President of the Ark Watch Foundation in Los Altos, CA and founder of the Duchess Sanctuary for PMU mares and their babies. (It is now operated by the Humane Society of the United States.)

Red Bell Run Foundation, Inc.

Our Mission

  • To rescue abused, neglected or at risk equines and other animals, offering rehabilitation and permanent placement including lifelong sanctuary.
  • To assist other 501(c)3 rescue organizations whose mission and goals align with those of Red Bell Run Foundation, Inc. with monetary grants or other support.
  • To foster the animal-human bond through empathy-building, community assistance, educational and therapeutic programs.