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Vineyard & Equine Sanctuary


The combination of topography and climate lends itself to excellent conditions for several varieties of grapes produced for area vintners. Under the superb care of Vineyard Manager Silvano Chavez who planted the vines for the Mize family nearly 20 years ago — the forty-acre vineyard is a successful operation — here in Western North Carolina’s Polk County.

The Sanctuary at red bell run

The Sanctuary at Red Bell Run is part of a larger property in the lovely Western North Carolina Foothills that includes a 40-acre vineyard as well as housing and pastures for rescued equines from across the United States. The sweeping views of the Blue Ridge Mountains surround this home to rescued and special needs equines.

The brainchild of Mary Adams, the sanctuary accepts animals from law enforcement and other 501(c)3 rescues whose quality of life is still acceptable but who need more intensive or special care to remain comfortable. It is one of a few of its kind in the country, providing individualized care to over 100 equines.

Red Bell Run works with several rescues across the US to take in equines who are considered unadoptable or who need end of life care. Included among the equines sanctuaried at Red Bell Run are miniature hinnies, donkeys, and horses as well as their larger brethren from ponies to draft mules and even mammoth donkeys. Each is considered as an individual and their care is overseen by our knowledgeable staff, farriers and veterinarians.

All live in equine “group homes” and are made as comfortable as possible through several modalities including appropriate feed supplementation, body work, massage, acupuncture as well as traditional veterinary medicine. We follow the AAEP Guidelines for equine welfare and work closely with our vets to insure each equine receives proper medical care. We search until we find the right modality for each animal.

The most important thing we give to all of our residents is love. It is the magic ingredient that makes our animals thrive. It must come from the heart, and we are fortunate that our staff cares deeply for their charges, and go above and beyond to assist them and make their lives as close to heaven on earth as possible. Many come to us sick, broken in body and spirit. It is our mission to heal when we can, provide love with a generous heart and when we can no longer heal or provide an acceptable quality of life, ensure a dignified, humane ending.

At Red Bell Run we employ several different methods of horse-keeping from a typical center stall barn with attached dry lots and paddocks to a paddock paradise system which is especially suitable for donkeys, minis and overweight equines. The paddock paradise system is easily set up with access to grass paddocks so that grazing can be controlled yet allow equines plenty of space to move and follow their instinct to travel. We’ve found that it is a wonderful way to keep equines.


Our Anna Twinney/Reach Out to Horses HOLISTIC HORSE DAY and Staff Training Days were incredible. Sensitive and Aware Horsemanship was demonstrated, practiced and discussed. Inspirational!

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